Volunteer Contributions

This project is only as interesting and useful as the contributions from volunteers. It is a collaborative undertaking that takes advantage of the powerful features the Internet and the World Wide Web provide.


Untold numbers of collaborative efforts of many different types are being supported by volunteers and are freely available on the Internet to anyone who might be interested. Some of the examples of popular projects are Firefox, Thunderbird, Wikipedia, and many others. This site is structured in a similar fashion and will benefit from generous contributions.



As contributions are being made, updates and additions are easily accomplished and can maintain the relevance of this guide into the future. Contributors may remain anonymous or get credited, and can post links to a business or other venture. All contributions are considered as donations to the project. There is no need for contributions to be complete and comprehensive. It is quite easy to add pictures, descriptions or extended tracks at a later date. In fact, other contributors may get inspired by information on a new trip and may add more material to a previously published trip.


How to contribute:


Simply collect information about a particular trip and send individual files ( images, gpx files, text), using the Contact information. Special formatting is not required. Photos can be transmitted in jpg format and any supplements can be sent at a later time.


Contacts by email, either for contributions or critique and corrections are very welcome. Simply click on the email link below:

Contact SanJuansbyGPS